613 pt 3


Laws of Misusing Sanctified Property

401 One who profaned property must repay what he 
profaned plus a fifth and bring a sacrifice Lev. 5:16 402 Not to work consecrated animals Deut. 15:19 403 Not to shear the fleece of consecrated animals Deut. 15:19


Laws of Pascal Sacrifice   

404 To slaughter the paschal sacrifice at the specified time Ex. 12:6 405 Not to slaughter it while in possession of leaven Ex. 23:18 406 Not to leave the fat overnight Ex. 23:18 407 To slaughter the second paschal lamb Num. 9:11 408 To eat the paschal lamb with matzah and Marror on the night of the 
15th of Nissan Ex. 12:8 409 To eat the second paschal lamb on the night of the 15th of Iyar Num.9:11 410 Not to eat the paschal meat raw or boiled Ex. 12:9 411 Not to take the paschal meat from the confines of the group Ex. 12:46 412 An apostate must not eat from it Ex.12:43 413 A permanent or temporary hired worker must not eat from it Ex. 12:45 414 An uncircumcised male must not eat from it Ex. 12:48 415 Not to break any bones from the paschal offering Ex. 12:46 416 Not to break any bones from the second paschal offering Num. 9:12 417 Not to leave any meat from the paschal offering over until morning Ex. 12:10 418 Not to leave the second paschal meat over until morning Num. 9:12 419 Not to leave the meat of the holiday offering of the 14th until the 16th Deut. 16:4

Laws of Pilgrim Offerings   

420 To be seen at the Temple on Passover, Shavuot, and Sukkot Deut. 16:16 421 To celebrate on these three Festivals (bring a peace offering) Ex. 23:14 422 To rejoice on these three Festivals (bring a peace offering) Deut. 16:14 423 Not to appear at the Temple without offerings Deut. 16:16 424 Not to refrain from rejoicing with, and giving gifts to, the Levites Deut. 12:19 425 To assemble all the people on the Sukkot following the seventh year Deut. 31:12

Laws of First Born Animals   

426 To set aside the firstborn animals Ex. 13:12 427 The Kohanim must not eat unblemished firstborn animals 
outside Jerusalem Deut. 12:17 428 Not to redeem the firstborn Num. 18:17 429 Separate the tithe from animals Lev. 27:32 430 Not to redeem the tithe Lev. 27:33

Laws of Offerings for Unintentional Transgressions   

431 Every person must bring a sin offering for his transgression Lev. 4:27 432 Bring an asham talui when uncertain of guilt Lev. 5:17-18 433 Bring an asham vadai when guilt is ascertained Lev. 5:25 434 Bring an oleh v'yored offering (if the person is wealthy, an animal; if poor, a bird or meal offering) Lev. 5:7-11 435 The Sanhedrin must bring an offering when it rules in error Lev. 4:13
Laws of Lacking Atonement   

436 A woman who had a running issue must bring an offering 
after she goes to the Mikveh Lev. 15:28-29 437 A woman who gave birth must bring an offering after she goes 
to the Mikveh Lev. 12:6 438 A man who had a running issue must bring an offering after he goes 
to the Mikveh Lev. 15:13-14 439 A metzora must bring an offering after going to the Mikveh Lev. 14:10

Laws of Substitution of Sacrifices   

440 Not to substitute another beast for one set apart for sacrifice Lev. 27:10 441 The new animal, in addition to the substituted one, retains consecration Lev. 27:10 442 Not to change consecrated animals from one type of offering to another Lev. 27:26


Laws of Impurity of Human Dead   

443 Carry out the laws of impurity of the dead Num. 19:14   

Laws of The Red Heifer   

444 Carry out the procedure of the Red Heifer Num. 19:2 445 Carry out the laws of the sprinkling water Num. 19:21

Laws of Impurity through Tzara'at   

446 Rule the laws of human tzara'at as prescribed in the Torah Lev. 13:12 447 The metzora must not remove his signs of impurity Deut. 24:8 448 The metzora must not shave signs of impurity in his hair Lev. 13:33 449 The metzora must publicize his condition by tearing his garments, 
allowing his hair to grow and covering his lips Lev. 13:45 450 Carry out the prescribed rules for purifying the metzora Lev. 14:2 451 The metzora must shave off all his hair prior to purification Lev. 14:9 452 Carry out the laws of tzara'at of clothing Lev. 13:47 453 Carry out the laws of tzara'at of houses Lev. 13:34

Laws of Impurity of Reclining and Sitting   

454 Observe the laws of menstrual impurity Lev. 15:19 455 Observe the laws of impurity caused by childbirth Lev. 12:2 456 Observe the laws of impurity caused by a woman's running issue Lev. 15:25 457 Observe the laws of impurity caused by a man's running issue Lev. 15:3

Laws of Other Sources of Impurity   

458 Observe the laws of impurity caused by a dead beast Lev. 11:39 459 Observe the laws of impurity caused by the eight shratzim Lev. 11:29 460 Observe the laws of impurity of a seminal emission Lev. 15:16

Laws of Impurity of Food   

461 Observe the laws of impurity concerning liquid and solid foods Lev. 11:34

Laws of Mikveh   

462 Every impure person must immerse himself in a Mikveh to become pure Lev. 15:16


Laws of Property Damage   

463 The court must judge the damages incurred by a goring ox Ex. 21:28 464 The court must judge the damages incurred by an animal eating Ex. 22:4 465 The court must judge the damages incurred by a pit Ex. 21:33 466 The court must judge the damages incurred by fire Ex. 22:5

Laws of Theft   

467 Not to steal money stealthily Lev. 19:11 468 The court must implement punitive measures against the thief Ex. 21:37 469 Each individual must ensure that his scales and weights are accurate Lev. 19:36 470 Not to commit injustice with scales and weights Lev. 19:35 471 Not to possess inaccurate scales and weights even if they are not for use Deut. 25:13 472 Not to move a boundary marker to steal someone's property Deut. 19:14 473 Not to kidnap Ex. 20:13

Laws of Robbery and Lost Objects   

474 Not to rob openly Lev. 19:13 475 Not to withhold wages or fail to repay a debt Lev. 19:13 476 Not to covet and scheme to acquire another's possession Ex. 20:14 477 Not to desire another's possession Deut. 5:18 478 Return the robbed object or its value Lev. 5:23 479 Not to ignore a lost object Deut. 22:3 480 Return the lost object Deut. 22:1 481 The court must implement laws against the one who assaults another or damages another's property Ex. 21:18

Laws of Murder and Preservation of Life   

482 Not to murder Ex. 20:13 483 Not to accept monetary restitution to atone for the murderer Num. 35:31 484 The court must send the accidental murderer to a city of refuge Num. 35:25 485 Not to accept monetary restitution instead of being 
sent to a city of refuge Num. 35:32 486 Not to kill the murderer before he stands trial Num. 35:12 487 Save someone being pursued even by taking the life of the pursuer Deut. 25112 488 Not to pity the pursuer Num. 35:12 489 Not to stand idly by if someone's life is in danger Lev. 19:16 490 Designate cities of refuge and prepare routes of access Deut. 19:3 491 Break the neck of a calf by the river valley following an unsolved murder Deut. 21:4 492 Not to work nor plant that river valley Deut. 21:4 493 Not to allow pitfalls and obstacles to remain on your property Deut. 22:8 494 Make a guard rail around flat roofs Deut. 22:8 495 Not to put a stumbling block before a blind man (nor give harmful advice) Lev. 19:14 496 Help another remove the load from a beast which can 
no longer carry it Ex. 23:5 497 Help others load their beast Deut. 22:4 498 Not to leave others distraught with their burdens (but to help either load or unload) Deut. 22:4


Laws of Sales   

499 Buy and sell according to Torah law Lev. 25:14 500 Not to overcharge or underpay for an article Lev. 25:14 501 Not to insult or harm anybody with words Lev. 25:17 502 Not to cheat a sincere convert monetarily Ex. 22:20 503 Not to insult or harm a sincere convert with words Ex. 22:20

Laws of Agents and Partners (Rabbinical) 

Laws of Slaves   

504 Purchase a Hebrew slave in accordance with the prescribed laws Ex. 21:2 505 Not to sell him as a slave is sold Lev. 25:42 506 Not to work him oppressively Lev. 25:43 507 Not to allow a non-Jew to work him oppressively Lev. 25:53 508 Not to have him do menial slave labor Lev. 25;39 509 Give him gifts when he goes free Deut. 15:14 510 Not to send him away empty-handed Deut. 15:13 511 Redeem Jewish maidservants Ex. 21:8 512 Betroth the Jewish maidservant Ex. 21:8 513 The master must not sell his maidservant Ex. 21:8 514 Canaanite slaves must work forever unless injured in one of their limbs Lev. 25:46 515 Not to extradite a slave who fled to Israel Deut. 23:16 516 Not to wrong a slave who has come to Israel for refuge Deut. 23:16


Laws of Hiring   

517 The courts must carry out the laws of a hired worker and hired guard Ex. 22:9 518 Pay wages on the day they were earned Deut. 24:15 519 Not to delay payment of wages past the agreed time Lev. 19:13 520 The hired worker may eat from the unharvested crops where he works Deut. 23:25 521 The worker must not eat while on hired time Deut. 23:26 522 The worker must not take more than he can eat Deut. 23:25 523 Not to muzzle an ox while plowing Deut. 25:4

Laws of Borrowing and Depositing   

524 The courts must carry out the laws of a borrower Ex. 22:13 525 The courts must carry out the laws of an unpaid guard Ex. 22:6

Laws of Creditor and Debtor   

526 Lend to the poor and destitute Ex. 22:24 527 Not to press them for payment if you know they don't have it Ex. 22:24 528 Press the idolater for payment Deut. 15:3 529 The creditor must not forcibly take collateral Deut. 24:10 530 Return the collateral to the debtor when needed Deut. 24:13 531 Not to delay its return when needed Deut. 24:12 532 Not to demand collateral from a widow Deut. 24:17 533 Not to demand as collateral utensils needed for preparing food Deut. 24:6 534 Not to lend with interest Lev.25:37 535 Not to borrow with interest Deut. 23:20 536 Not to intermediate in an interest loan, guarantee, witness, 
or write the promissory note Ex. 22:24 537 Lend to and borrow from idolaters with interest Deut. 23:21

Laws of Plaintiff and Defendant   

538 The courts must carry out the laws of the plaintiff, admitter, or denier Ex. 22:8

Laws of Inheritance   

539 Carry out the laws of the order of inheritance Num. 27:8


Laws of Sanhedrin and Punishments   

540 Appoint judges Deut. 16:18 541 Not to appoint judges who are not familiar with judicial procedure Deut. 1:17 542 Decide by majority in case of disagreement Ex. 23:2 543 The court must not execute through a majority of one; at least a majority of two is required Ex. 23:2 544 A judge who presented an acquittal plea must not present an 
argument for conviction in capital cases Deut. 23:2 545 The courts must carry out the death penalty of stoning Deut. 22:24 546 The courts must carry out the death penalty of burning Lev. 20:14 547 The courts must carry out the death penalty of the sword Ex. 21:20 548 The courts must carry out the death penalty of strangulation Lev. 20:10 549 The courts must hang those stoned for blasphemy or idolatry Deut. 21:22 550 Bury the executed on the day they are killed Deut.21:23 551 Not to delay burial overnight Deut. 21:23 552 The court must not let the sorcerer live Ex. 22:17 553 The court must give lashes to the wrongdoer Ex. 25:2 554 The court must not exceed the prescribed number of lashes Deut. 25:3 555 The court must not kill anybody on circumstantial evidence Ex. 23:7 556 The court must not punish anybody who was forced to do a crime Deut. 22:26 557 A judge must not pity the murderer or assaulter at the trial Deut. 19:13 558 A judge must not have mercy on the poor man at the trial Lev. 19:15 559 A judge must not respect the great man at the trial Lev. 19:15 560 A judge must not decide unjustly the case of the habitual transgressor Ex. 23;6 561 A judge must not pervert justice Lev. 19:15 562 A judge must not pervert a case involving a convert or orphan Deut. 24:17 563 Judge righteously Lev. 19:15 564 The judge must not fear a violent man in judgment Deut. 1:17 565 Judges must not accept bribes Ex. 23:8 566 Judges must not accept testimony unless both parties are present Ex. 23:1 567 Not to curse judges Ex. 22:27 568 Not to curse the head of state or leader of the Sanhedrin Ex. 22:27 569 Not to curse any upstanding Jew Lev. 19:14

Laws of Evidence   

570 Anybody who knows evidence must testify in court Lev. 5:1 571 Carefully interrogate the witness Deut. 13:15 572 A witness must not serve as a judge in capital crimes Deut. 19:17 573 Not to accept testimony from a lone witness Deut. 19:15 574 Transgressors must not testify Ex. 23:1 575 Relatives of the litigants must not testify Deut. 24:16 576 Not to testify falsely Ex. 20:13 577 Punish the false witnesses as they tried to punish the defendant Deut. 19:19

Laws of Insurgents   

578 Act according to the ruling of the Sanhedrin Deut. 17:11 579 Not to deviate from the word of the Sanhedrin Deut. 17:11 580 Not to add to the Torah commandments or their oral explanations Deut. 13:1 581 Not to diminish from the Torah any commandments, in whole or in part Deut. 13:1 582 Not to curse your father and mother Ex. 21:17 583 Not to strike your father and mother Ex. 21:15 584 Respect your father or mother Ex. 20:12 585 Fear your father or mother Lev. 19:3 586 Not to be a rebellious son Deut. 21:18

Laws of Mourning   

587 Mourn for relatives Lev. 10:19 588 The High Priest must not defile himself for any relative Lev. 21:11 589 The High Priest must not enter under the same roof as a corpse Lev. 21:11 590 A Kohen must not defile himself for anyone except relatives Lev. 21:1
Laws of Kings and their Wars   

591 Appoint a king from Israel Deut. 17:15 592 Not to appoint a convert Deut. 17:15 593 The king must not have too many wives Deut. 17:17 594 The king must not have too many horses Deut. 17:16 595 The king must not have too much silver and gold Deut. 17:17 596 Destroy the seven Canaanite nations Deut. 20:17 597 Not to let any of them remain alive Deut. 20:16 598 Wipe out the descendants of Amalek Deut. 25:19 599 Remember what Amalek did to the Jewish people Deut. 25:17 600 Not to forget Amalek's atrocities and ambush on our journey 
from Egypt in the desert Deut. 25:19 601 Not to dwell permanently in Egypt Deut. 17:16 602 Offer peace terms to the inhabitants of a city while holding siege, and treat them according to the Torah if they accept the terms Deut. 20:10 603 Not to offer peace to Ammon and Moab while besieging them Deut. 23:7 604 Not to destroy fruit trees even during the siege Deut. 20:19 605 Prepare latrines outside the camps Deut. 23:13 606 Prepare a shovel for each soldier to dig with Deut. 23:14 607 Appoint a priest to speak with the soldiers during the war Deut. 20:2 608 He who has taken a wife, built a new home, or planted a vineyard is given a year to rejoice with his possessions Deut. 24:5 609 Not to demand from the above any involvement, 
communal or military Deut. 24:5 610 Not to panic and retreat during battle Deut. 20:3 611 Keep the laws of the captive woman Deut. 21:11 612 Not to sell her into slavery Deut. 21:14 613 Not to retain her for servitude after having relations with her Deut. 21:14