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 The charts above show the names of the books of the Bible in the Hebrew language, including the Hebrew transliteration. "Transliteration" means spelling Hebrew words with English letters. So for example, Genesis is often translitereated as BERESHIT, or B'RE-SHEET. Different people use slightly different letters to transliterate. 

TANAK might also be spelled TANAKH or TANACH. The last letter in Hebrew is CHAF or KAF. K'TUVIM starts with the letter "KAF" (which has a dagesh), but at the end of words, KAF usually does not have the DAGESH, and becomes CHAF-SOFIT. Thus, some people say TANACH (with the gutteral "CH" sound, as in CHanukah, or CHallah), while others say TANAK with the hard "K" sound.