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"Life is a succession of open doors.
We enter some and others we pass by.
The decisions we make before these open doors
are the arbiters of our destiny .
 Before you stands an Open Door.
      Look within and consider well what you see there,  for this portal leads from outer darkness to Inner Light. 

Yahweh has commissioned us to Take His Word to a Hurting World. We seek to fulfill this God-given assignment by impacting this nation with the word of the Most High God. The scriptures declares that my people are destroyed because of a lack of knowledge. It is time for us to take authority over Satan and move in the power and the abundant life that Yahweh has provided for those who trust Him, for those who realize that they are called according to his PURPOSE. Trust Yahweh and watch your life take a supernatural turn As you spend time here please peruse every aspect of our site. It is informative and also prayerfully inspiring. It is my sincerest hopes that as you visit here you come to understand my desire for all of Yahweh's people to get to their place of PURPOSE & DESTINY and as you see the vision that the Most High has given us you begin to see your purpose. And when you are ready to partner with us we will be here waiting to receive you Again thanks for visiting our site and please keep us in your prayers.